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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Theories on why people are opposed to boxing

A word from the Mother Rectoress:

Well my take on this is that the eyes are the window to the soul and therefore we find it very difficult to comfortably hit someone in the face when they are looking at us. (That and the fact that the head houses the essential brain).

Many people who oppose boxing have never been revealed through it I believe and wish to keep it that way. Boxing is very confronting both spiritually and physically. The fact that people are actually hitting one another (often not hard enough to do damage - if they have the courage and experience to learn the appropriate self control required) is secondary to the real battle that goes on when we are physically and emotionally confronted and exposed to one another in the ring. So anyone who takes issue with fighting needs to CALM DOWN AND GET IN THE RING!!


Blogger geoff scully said...

Many people just don't get it about contact sports, in particular boxing. Many kids that take up boxing would be taking drugs and killing themselves slowly, getting into trouble, not learning the discipline required to train everyday, would have no purpose in their lives and never meet anyone that truely cares about them. Most of these kids are very intelligent but never recieve the accolades nor opportunities academically what have they

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