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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Paradise Now

A Post from Pavel (from the Czech Republic)

Thank you Dave for giving us the opportunity to see the problem of terrorism from the other side (for me the only way how to resolve this problem is to understand what is behind).

The Palestinian movie PARADISE NOW, which you was screening last week, was really great example of what is going on in the heads of those who commit these suicide attacks......saddly, still seems to me, most of the people dont care about these reasons (to watch the movie came just few of us.....even just 3 of my friends from all I told them about).

For most of them is still easier to decry all muslim world and care more about their full stomachs, pocket full of money and having some beer to drink .....really know what I am talking about.... living in Surry Hills and working in King Cross, I really know what is priority for most of the people during the friday nights.

I already tried to talk about this topic with some of my friends.....but only feedback i have recieved from them was nickname Taliban.


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