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Thursday, October 25, 2007

James speaks out on Connect '09

I have no problem with the people involved in the Anglican community, I've visited a number of Anglican churches many times and I've always been warmly welcomed. But what I do have a problem with is this new Connect 09 program, and how its going to burden small churches who are already struggling. I hope this is not too judgmental, if you think its judgmental please feel free to critisize and blast me.

I'd just like to make some comments regarding the new Connect 09 program which Father David discussed in his latest Partners Ezine.

I think the program is a poor allocation of resources aswell as an unneccesary burden placed upon small community churches, who are trying to allocate their funding and resources toward projects that are designed to help those seriously in need. There's more than enough Bibles available in Sydney for people to read, we just need our youth's off drugs and off the street so they can discover God.

The Anglican church used to have a very fruitful drop in centre for street people and people on drugs located in the heart of Sydney, however this drop in centre got closed down because certain people involved in the Anglican community didn't like the look of the people who came to the drop in centre. That drop in centre is now closed down, despite that it was actually serving those who Jesus asked us to reach out to. Now the Anglican community wants to allocate two million dollars toward giving every home in Sydney a Bible, I think that two million dollars would be better allocated in purchasing a building where a drop in centre for troubled youth on drugs could be erected in the heart of Sydney city.

I strongly believe the Anglican community is out of touch with the what is happening in the city of Sydney, and what the real obstacle is that prevents people from coming to God. There are people out in the community who are on drugs, have no hope, have nowhere else to go but the street and they need hope and they need love. Resources should be going toward helping these people so we can show them God's love and give them a future and a hope, we need deeds of love that manifest God's love to them, "My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth."(1 John 3:1.

The Anglican community needs to allocate their resources toward loving those in need with deeds and truth. Burdening small churches with unneccesary tax who are trying to reach the community with these deed's of love is a stab in the back to them. These small churches are already on a shoe string budget and don't recieve any additional support for their deeds of love projects, which they began through a vision from God. Instead of helping these small churches with their deeds of love projects, the Anglican leadership seems more interested in creating a public relations noise about sending out Bibles so they can get a pat on the back, whilst stabbing small churches who are involved in deeds of love projects in the back with an additional tax.


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