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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hillary for President? (some thoughts from Stephen)

I just finished reading Hillary's memoirs.

I developed a real liking for the lady in the first half of the book, but felt myself asking questions after reading the second half. The Keneth Star sham investigations of the Whitewater affair that goes on and on dominates the book. The Clinton's bought into a property development well before their presidency and it went horrably wrong due to the manager of the development being shifty (he ended up doing time for his sins). The Republican's got good mileage out of it though and kept the focus off the main game.

The mediaid (medicare like) concept she tried to get up with Bill in the first 100 days also fell over due to the dominance of capitalism in the US - too many doctors and insurers stood to loose too much money if there was a govt run health fund. Their lobby power was imense. The Republican's did everything except shoot Bill Clinton (perhaps that shows some development on their collective part).

Hillary and Chelsea got to do a heap of overseas travel and meet lots of interesting people. I love a quote from Nelson Mandella on p480 talking about the down times in peoples lives. ""If our expectations, if our fondest prayers and dreams are not realised" he said "then we should all bear in mind that the greatest glory of living lies not in never falling (failing) but in rising every time you fall (fail). The parenthesis is my add.

If we measured the success of a president on the running of the country and not on his personal (?) affectations, team Clinton was a success. Jobs up, interest rates down, productivity up, aid up, debt way down...

Personally I think Hillary knows what she is in for and will weather the Republican storm better than a green Obarma who is young and has a family to care for. But Hillary also needs to get herself some humility. The book seems to have a lot of bragging in it.

I also feel for the people who went to jail for the Clintons by remaining silent under Star's witch hunt. Such was their belief in the democrat ways and not wanting the loss of their Democrat president.

Now to read more about Obarma.

Although I would have thought the Republicans had no chance after the way Bush (shrub) has run the place, my US friends tell me McCain can still get up - it will all depend on who he takes as his running mate. He just needs someone from the South that the fundies will vote for.

Apparently when Johnson gave American black people the vote in 1965 with the voter rights bill, the Republicans still held the senate. LBJs democrats expected the vote to be tight and did a lot of swooning of the soft Republican senators. When the bill went through with only 2 southern senators against, LBJ worked out that he had been diddled. His aids came into the oval office to tell him the good news only to find him crying on his desk. He said he had just given the South to the Republicans for the next 50 years. So strong was the anti black sentament in the South that Southern Democtaric voters turned Republican. Anything can Happen in the US of A.


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