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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Father Dave's letter to Senator Bob Brown

I got wind of the fact that Greens leader, Bob Brown, was being put under pressure to bring rogue State Senate member, Lee Rhiannon, into line over her 'extremist politics', reflected in her daring to support a strategy of non-violent resistance (BDS) against the military occupation of Palestine! :shock:

It appalled me to think that the Greens too would let their integrity slide for the sake of political expediency! I wrote to Bob Brown, pleading with him not to abandon Lee Rhiannon in her courageous stand. Here's my email:

Dear Senator Brown,

I wish to add my heartfelt plea that you continue to give
full support to Lee Rhiannon. She has shown great courage
in supporting the global Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions
campaign (BDS) aimed at ending the Palestinian Occupation,
and she deserves the support of every Australian.

The Palestinian people have suffered enormously over so
many years through the Occupation of the West Bank and the
virtual imprisonment of the population of Gaza. The betrayal
of these suffering people by the major government parties of
our land – all for the sake of political expedience - is
frankly sickening! The Greens though have been a shining
light of integrity in this ever-darkening political landscape.
Let’s keep it that way!

My friend Bishop Riah Abu el Assal (former Anglican Archbishop
of Jerusalem) is fond of saying, “the path to peace in the
Middle East runs through Jerusalem”. Never has that been more
true than today. Peace in Israel/Palestine is the key to peace
in the Middle East, and the BDS campaign is the non-violent
strategy that the Palestinians themselves have chosen in order
to achieve this peace.

The ferocity of the response to Fiona Byrne (for Marrickville
Council’s BDS stand) and now the attacks on Ms Rhiannon, are
a clear reflection of the effectiveness of the BDS strategy.
Those with a vested interest in the Occupation are evidently
threatened by these exemplary women and their principled stand.

Stand with them, Senator! For the sake of the suffering people
of Palestine and for the sake of justice, screw your courage
to the sticking point (as the Bard would say) and don’t allow
erroneous accusations of anti-Semitism and the like to divert
you from the cause of justice.

You have my prayers, and you have my support in any form that
might be useful to you on this issue.

Yours in the Good Fight

Rev. David B. Smith, B.A.,B.Th., Dip. A.
Parish Priest, Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill
Professional Boxer, 6th degree black belt
Senior Trainer, Father Dave's Fight Club
Managing Director, Fighting Fathers Ministries
Marrickville Citizen of the Year 1994 & 2009
Nominated Australian of the Year 2004 & 2009

Unhappily, the email did no good. Lee Rhiannon was apparently taken to task by her leader in order to assauge the self-righteous anger of the dominant powers. God help us! :roll:

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