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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Deadly Art of Lap Goch

A letter that came in response to the article on "Lap Goch and the American Presidency" from Dewi Evans (Director,Welsh Centre for Peace, Justice, and Controlled Aggression)

dear Pastor Smith,

Thank for your promotion of our national heritage sport.You may like to know the following additional data on Lap Goch:

the second most used weapon, after the brochfael is the lleach , known to us as the leek, which is of course the national vegetable of Wales (true!!)

the leek is dried over several weeks until it becomes a hitting instrument with sharp edges. Lap Goch classic lleach movements are:

"taking a lleach"- removing the weapon ceremonially from its bag, prior to........

"springing a lleach"- jumping on one's opponent from behind and striking him, prior to......

"plugging the lleach"-replacing the weapon in its protective covering.

The leek is relatively rare in Texas. Rumour has it that George W. Bush experimented with holding a prickly pear instead, but this resulted in severe hand injuries and a preference for tactical "nucular" weapons instead.


Dewi Evans
Director,Welsh Centre for Peace, Justice, and Controlled Aggression


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