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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stephen tells us about HHO gas

I have come across some 1990 and 1996 U`S Air F0rce papers (released to public) on the production of HHO from H2O. The papers refer to other public domain and patented contraptions for extracting hydrogen from water and splitting water into its hydrogen and oxygen molecules (called HHO) for use in hybrid cars as a supplement with petrol or diesel. I'm a bit skeptical but want to have a go at making the devices - there are claims in some of the literature that 30% to 37% improvement in fuel consumption are possible.

Its all year 9 chemistry really that most good back yard mechanics can do, works best with pre 1996 cars (with conventional carbies) but there re ways to trick oxygen sensors and manifold air pressure meters to make it work with EFI cars (cars with computers on their engines). Now this might take a few weeks but if I can get it to work you will be one of the first to know.

Conspiracy theorists have it that big oil have worked overtime to keep this knowledge from the public; and you know how much I like a conspiracy. My grandad was a mechanic and he use to talk of a guy building one of these in Oz back in the 1950's that went quiet. I found that paper too (patent based) - it was published in a book on engine efficiency in the biodiesel community in NSW!!! The greenies rave about how it works. Apparently it is not all about making so much hydrogen to run a car, but enough to improve the burn characteristics of the hydrocarbon fuel we do use.

It needs about 25 Amps of power from your alternator to run (most car alternators - the gizmo that makes electricity in the car - these days are over 75 Amps in capacity). It produces hydrogen on demand so there is no dangerous H gas tank(s) to explode. Oh, and I reckon you could build one and make it work in your car under $300 based on what I have seen.


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