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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wise words on Global Sustainability from Jarey

Jarey's comments on the video 'Home' - a not-for-profilt film about the problem of global sustainability.

Shocked What a facinating video, a really grand tour of the earth and the people living on it. Much better than wasting an hour and a half watching the usual drivel on TV. Makes you wonder how much time and effort went into the production of it.

Crying or Very sad But... As beautiful and interesting as the photography is it paints a pretty dismal picture of the future of the earth. It would seem that it is already too late to fix the problem and that the only apparent solution is the elimination of mankind and it's insatiable need for an ever diminishing supply of food and energy. If that somehow happened the earth would eventually replenish itself, or not.

Rolling Eyes There is speculation that the 'global elite' desires a reduction in the world's population to about 800 million, rather than the current 6 billion, through war, famine, genocide, or whatever it takes. They, of course, would be the recipients of this new sustainable paradise.

Very Happy We can only believe that God has it all under control, otherwise there is no hope.


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