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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stephen on the Schism in the Anglican Communion over the Gay Bishop

For me, the theological issues are one thing, but the politics and hierarchical nuances of the ecclesiastical hallways are just ridiculous.

Its a wonder there is not a symbol in the liturgy somewhere that indicates "fart here". The approval process for this symbol would have taken decades to decide, followed by another decade to agree on the form of the symbol. Then there would be another committee formed to adjudicate the olfactory affectations of allowable colitis, and yet another to consider aural dB limitations.

My point being "who cares"! I am not going to worship a deity who is concerned about trivialities; especially those attributed to His apparent original design.

Its about love of fellow human. The Southern African clan are just working their way through the same stuff their Northern colleagues worked through back in the 80s. They'll get there. But if they weren't stuck in a hierarchical political mechanistic institution that necessitates obfuscation, they would get there much quicker.


Blogger Andy said...

Thanks Stephen - I believe likewise, however I am not as succinct as 'thou art' when tryting to express myself.

It's not only Anglicans, it seems to be a great many of Evangelical American Denominations.
I haven't even broached the subject yet since I an wading through a number of anti -gay beleif systems on one of the blog sites to which I belong.
It is absolutely frightening what some people say.

4:16 AM  

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