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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Douggie on Coping in a Broken World

... life [is] full of fronts, coping mechanisms and fatalism.

Many people never realise this is how they live their lives and that this is the reality of living in a broken world.

I also think in one sense it makes it harder if people don't have an awareness of God. And if people do have an awareness and faith in God, that doesn't neccessarily mean a life of ease. In fact, it appears to be quite the opposite in fact. However, it can put our suffering into some kind of context and certainly know that Jesus also walks with us in the pain.

I know this all sounds like so much spiritual rhetoric and even simplistic but I often have to challenge my thinking around issues of faith in the what I quite often tend to be cynical about are quite often the deep spiritual truths of life ie: that God IS with us, He does know and he does care.

In spite of my depression (Zoloft, my drug of choice) and the times when I used to wonder why do I have to live this life I've got and why doesnt God just make things right, I realised God HAD done everything in fact more than I could ever realise or imagine to make everthing alright.

So while quite often my daily experiences in life still piss me off there is that deeper knowledge that God has made everything alright. My life is now not so much about WHERE is God in the middle of all this but an ackowledgement that God IS in the middle of alll this.


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