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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is the role of a Bishop?

Michael offers a comment on the role of bishops:

With my (simple) understanding of the role of bishop I think someone with a gift and passion for ministry is wasted as a bishop.

In the church I attend (Anglican, Sydney, Australia) the role of a bishop seems to be supervision of the parish ministers in their designated area. That role is a necessary part of the structure that has built up around a large church organisation. I find it a bit sad that a parish minister would aspire to being "promoted" into middle management as a bishop and lose contact with the coal face of ministry.

Is your idea of a female bishop the "middle management" type of bishop or a more hands on ministry role? And, if I could toss in another 2 bobs worth, perhaps this discussion could be "should we have bishops" rather than "should we have female bishops".


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