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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lazy Adam & lost Eve

Father Elias replies to a post reflecting on suicide amongst men:
I quote: “If these men could understand their own heads, these suicide rates would drop overnight!!!!!”

Well, I would say it differently. Man should understand that above his own head is something else that he will never understand fully, but he is called to be its mediator. If he seeks that mysterious reality that presides over all moving things that he likes to look at (yes, man loves to move and watch others move), his children will lift their eyes with him to heaven. He’ll be a good father when he guides all the ones he loves to search the hidden still face seeing us and loving us.

In other words, as mothers communicate life, fathers mediate for transcendence. In our society luxury is adored, mediocrity is imposed, virtual reality is cultivated and the invisible reality is ignored. The fathers’ place has been taken from them; men are no longer educated to become what they are. The lost priestly vocation of fathers is at the heart of the problem, and many of the other problems we observe are the consequence of that.

I have observed in exotic cultures as in ancient cultures (like Sparta’s) that women’s revenge on abusive and contemptuous man is not feminism, but pushing men to be more violent and self-destructive in the exercise of his social responsibilities. In a way, women understand how man has to suffer in order to dominate – and so by encouraging them to dominate, she pushes him to punish himself. Feminism did not appear where man was dominating too much, but where men had lost their place as mediator for a reality higher than their own heads…

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