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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who ordered the bombing of the UN facility?

One of our forum members comments on the 'accidental' bombing of a UN facility in Lebanon:

I must be more cynical. I do think the 'accident' could have came from low down [in both senses of the word] too - but perhaps not...

UN being 'forced' out, to a degree is right up their street, imo...and i havent seen any sign of military disciplination if it came from low down

Convenient the gloating blair/bush speech today too, after two of such 'attacks' - is the game no-one wants to play, so oh yes, we will have to - on our OWN will be the eventual cry...and in go the uk and us?

the syria/iran beat goes on from that pair too, and we are now on full news assault to get the brits and americans fear filled again that this is war on terrorism - and attacks will come etc

hezbollah, like al queda need do nothing - blair and bush make them more and more popular every day - and that is sad, and costly, but what else can be expected....

i wish theyd just address the real issues, without self motive, and peace wont come anywhere, whilst israel can do no wrong....


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