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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Peter Lovegrove writes on the history of Zionism

"Zionism" has absolutely NO imperialist aims was a 19th century movement of the Jews to return to the land that the ROMAN EMPIRE called Palestine."

The above is a comment on one of my posts on my blog site, where I argued against equating all Jews with Zionism.

The Romans called the territory Palestine ? So the term has stood for two millenia at least. Long enough to be accepted as its name, I should have thought.

As for Zionism not being imperialist :

Zionism’s avowed aim is for the Jewish people to return to their ancestral homeland, regardless of the indigenous inhabitants who have as much right to be considered as descending for the earliest inhabitants of the area as the Hebrews. This is plain all out European imperialistic colonialism.

The given reason, to escape persecution in Christendom is understandable and to be sympathized with. However, as with all imperialistic ventures, it is the natives who pay the price. The justification, that the Jews occupied the area two millenium before, is no justification. The Angles displaced the Britons only some thirteen hundred years ago. However impossible, would it therefore be a moral act for the English to return to Holland or wherever they built they boats and hand the Thames valley over to the Welsh?

Like all imperialist dogmas over the centuries, the Zionists considered the coveted land to be in effect, empty, which numbers the Palstinians as one of the countless numbers of peoples around the globe to be displaced and even exterminated by imperialist colonists. The Americas, South Africa and Australia being obvious examples.

The increasing numbers of Jewish settlers finally reached the point where they could confront the imperialist occupiers of the area, Britain. After a terrorist campaign which including the mass murder of guests in the King David Hotel and the hanging of two captured British soldiers in retaliation fo the execution of a convicted murderer, they forced the British, worn out after the struggle against Hitler, to depart.

A Jewish Defence League (JDL) member (recently killed in prison) was charged with conspiring to bomb the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, Los Angeles as well as the field office of the Republican congressman, Darrell Issa. Why him ? I don’t know.

The JDL, an ominous manifestation of one side of Zionism was established in 1968 by the openly rascist rabbi Mier Kahane, who called for the forcible removal of all arabs from Israel. Whether he included Christian arabs in that I don’t know either.

So Zionism is not all sugar and spice about a persecuted minority seeking peace, security and sustenance in the land of their distant forebears, as Paul Newman in « The Exodus » had it. It has mutated to suit the times.

It is now the philosophy of a dominatiing and domineering power, far removed from its early ideals and is utilised by bigots and rascists to further their aims to drive out the indigenous inhabitants and take over an expanding territory. Some taking it so far as to want to retake King David’s empire, which contained at least the eastern part of the Kingdom of Jordan, parts of Lebanon and stretched to way beyond Damascus. So there are three future wars to go on with. If what I describe above is not imperialism, what is ?


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