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Monday, October 19, 2009

Muslims who Fought the Nazis

This is part of Alejandro's larger post about relationships between Christians, Muslims & Jews in different times and places. See the full post here.

Some Islamophobes and critics of Islam have pointed out that during World War II, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was one of Hitler's Top supporters and there were 2 Nazi Waffen-SS divisions that were Bosnian Muslim.

However these critics fail to point out that most of the Nazi military units of the time were mostly Christian - Roman Catholic and Lutheran. There was even a Nazi Waffen-SS Hindu division known as Azad Hind.

Now get ready for some heroic examples of Muslims during World War II:

When France fell in 1940, the Republic of Turkey recalled it's Turkish citizens, knowing very well that 80% of it's Turkish citizenry in France was Jewish.

When Hitler asked King Mohammad V of Morocco to turn over it's Jewry,his reply was, "There are no Jews here,we are all Moroccans!", knowing full well that there were plenty of Jews in Morocco who to this day have coexisted peacefully with their Muslim countrymen.

When Albania was invaded, the Albanians hid their Jewish countrymen and made them pass for Albanian Muslims, and many managed to escape to Turkey which welcomed them all with the help of their fellow Muslim Albanian countrymen.

Also, Nazi General Rommel was defeated and repelled at El Alamein by General Montgomery and his British Muslim Egyptian Army.

So Christians and Muslims fought on both sides of the conflict. We Anglicans were with the Allies, since we're really the Church of England!Smile


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