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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Father Dave worries about Iran

Dave is responding to a post that started with some positive news about an Iranian woman hoping to win and Olympic medal, but the broader news about Iran's role on the world stage is looking increasinly disturbing. For the full post go here.

The whole scene is starting to worry me deeply. It seems that Iran is developing a siege mentality and the Western media is responding by doing all it can to whip up anti-Iran fervour.

Human rights abuses do indeed seem to be on the increase in Tehran but I don't see the threats from Israel and the US as being at all helpful. Indeed, I found this recent article by Daniel Pipes most disturbing.

Pipes suggests that the only way for Obama to save his rapidly-failing administration is for him to bomb Iran! Pipes sees multiple benefits from this for Obama and the US and minimal consequences for the rest of the world. Such reasoning borders on insanity in my view.

I am concerned where all this is leading us. A strike on Iran could be the beginning of World War III. Surely Obama can see that after the tragedy of Iraq and the Afghanistan quagmire, the last thing the world needs is another US-led invasion of an Islamic republic.

Time will tell, I suppose, but there appear to be powerful forces at work here, and none of them seem to be working for the good of humanity!


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