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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Human beings are like Trees?!

Alfamax started this thread with an article on churches that use boxing and martial arts to try to be relevant to young men. See the full thread here.

Godlessness presents itself in most forms of modern living, and some of these forms are more subtle and thus more of a threat to the masses than others.

There is a hierarchy of evil if you like and it can show where these things begin, however, like the root of a tree or the venous system of the human body, there are the main channels or roots/branches and everything else feeds off of them right down to the smallest minutiae. I'd say music and the like is at the level of a capillary.

A tree outside my window is lifeless. The fine detail of its greyed and rotten branches spans 20 metres into a contrasting blue sky such as today. The small plants around it live in fear of a strong wind.

The second being an otherwise healthy tea tree was uprooted in strong winds 6 weeks ago. Its fault was in being top heavy, it forgot about the under canopy.

7 miles away is a deciduous oak tree - 30 metres high with no leaves this time of year and looks very much like the first.

I’m wondering which tree best represents humanity. Civilization might be a forest with a lot of top heavy, dead, dying and doomed trees?


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